Workstation that defines the Pro in the Professionals

Neck pain, back pain, muscle cramps, wrong body posture, and reduced productivity and focus are some of the issues that corporate professionals have been facing ever since the remote work culture became mainstream. All these health issues and discomfort are primarily due to an inefficient and unorganised workspace setup at home. The perfect solution is to have an expert-approved ergonomically fit workstation setup to help you concentrate and be productive without compromising your health. And that’s precisely what Rewizi’s Remote work and hybrid work setup offer. It is a one-of-a-kind corporate WFH setup bundle tested and tried by industry experts to be ergonomically fit and conducive to productivity.

Zoom and MS Teams certified workstation setup

At Rewizi, we understand that having the proper workstation setup can play a crucial role in achieving your career goals. It doesn’t matter if you work in the IT, Banking, Public or Wellness sector; our professional office setup bundle has everything you need to do your work and remain adequately rested. There is no need for you to browse through hundreds of eCommerce sites to build your WFH setup from scratch because we have your back. Take your pick from many of our WFH bundles, and sit back and relax while we set it up for you.





Elements of an ideal home office setup with Rewizi

Work Tables

Your WFH table should be spacious enough to keep your laptop, keyboard, mouse, and other equipment. The ideal workspace is where you can sit straight with your forearms parallel to the ground, with your wrist not bending while using the keyboard. The forearm should get enough space on the table and be on the same plane as the wrist because wrist bending for a long time can cause pain and other issues.

An Ergonomic Chair

The perfect workplace chair is the one that lets you adjust the height, provides lumbar support for your lower back and adjusts the seat pan tilt. The armrest should be such that your forearm can rest with no pressure from the arm. Having the right ergonomic chair is crucial for professionals' physical well-being who spend most of the day working at their workstations.

Ambient Lighting

We underestimate the lighting setup of our workspace, but it dramatically impacts our state of mind and productivity. Ambient lighting at your workstation can help you be calm and composed even after a long day at work. It is also crucial to ensure that you don't strain your eyes.

The future of work from home

We all know that the work-from-home culture is here to stay. We live in a post-pandemic era that has challenged and reinstated our notion of work. It has made us realise that we can work full time and still be at home with our families. But, if we don’t have the proper work-from-home setup, we could start facing physical challenges, leading to mental stress.

Rewizi’s WFH bundles were put together to help you be comfortable, productive, and happy, regardless of whether you are working in a remote or hybrid work setup. It includes everything from a mouse, a docking station, a chair, and a table to a keyboard and headphones. Basically, everything you need to have a blissful working experience from the comforts of your home is already part of the bundle.

Jabra Wired EVOLVE 40 MS Stereo

Apple 27″ diagonal, 5K Resolution Display

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