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Workstation Setup Options
Explore the essential and advanced WFH bundles at Rewizi, offering a comprehensive setup with ergonomic chairs, monitors, and more. Tailor your workspace to meet your specific needs effortlessly.
Product Selection and Purchasing
Discover the modern way to build your ideal home office with Rewizi. Our curated bundles ensure top-notch quality, compatibility, and free installation support, making the process seamless and enjoyable.
Rewizi's WFH Bundles
Why go through the hassle of assembling your workspace piece by piece? Opt for Rewizi's WFH bundles for a stress-free experience – from ordering to delivery, assembly, and setup.
How do I find the best work from home setup?
If you are reading this answer, your search for the best work from home setup stops here. At Rewizi, we have workstation setup bundles for everyone. It does not matter if you are a creator or a developer; whatever you need to do your work in the best way is already included in our bundle. From an ergonomic chair to a docking station to lighting, our WFH bundle has it all. Choose from the essential and advanced bundle options per your specific needs, and we will do everything for you.
What do I need for my WFH office?
Depending upon your specific roles and responsibilities, you may or may not need a few other things. Still, the workstation essentials include a monitor, webcam, Bluetooth headset, docking station, wireless keyboard and mouse, table lamp, ergonomic chair, and a table. Rewizi's WFH bundle include everything mentioned here and more.
What equipment do I need to work from home?
The WFH essential bundle must include a monitor, webcam, Bluetooth headset, docking station, wireless keyboard and mouse, table lamp, ergonomic chair, and a table.
How to choose the best products for my WFH workstation setup?
The old and boring way of doing this is to visit multiple websites or stores, pick your favourite product, compare pricing, and then order it. Once they arrive, assemble them one by one to create your workspace. The modern and most fun way of doing this is to visit rewizi.com. Choose a work from home setup bundle, order the bundle, and wait for the Rewizi team to set up everything while you enjoy doing whatever you do. You get the best products at the best pricing without wasting time searching for the best products online.
What are all the things to consider when buying the WFH workspace bundle?
When buying your first WFH workstation setup, look for these things:

Make sure every product is of top-notch quality.

Check if the products are tried and tested by industry experts for performance.

Does the company offer free installation support?

Product compatibility with mainstream service providers and platforms

Every WFH bundle offered by Rewizi is Zoom and MS Teams certified, and every product has been tried and tested by audio-visual industry experts. We offer free installation support and a build-your-own-setup bundle option as well.
Where can I buy the best work-from-home setup?
Rewizi is the first company in India to offer all-inclusive WFH workstation setup bundles. We have essential and advanced bundle options for everyone out there. It does not matter if you are a creator, a student, or an IT professional; there will be a WFH bundle for you. If you like building your own setup, you can also order a custom WFH bundle. We also offer free installation support. So, order now!
Should I assemble my workstation or order a WFH bundle from Rewizi?
Building your best work from home setup from scratch by ordering one product at a time is so old school. It's a tedious, time-consuming, and ineffective process. It is like melting sliver to forge a spoon because you want to have soup. There is a better way to set up your WFH workspace. Pick the right WFH bundle from Rewizi's multiple bundle options, order it online, and sit back and relax while we deliver, assemble, and set it up for you.
Which is cheaper: a WFH bundle setup or buying every piece of equipment individually?
Rewizi's WFH bundles are cost-effective in many ways other than just money. When you order a WFH bundle from Rewizi, you are saving hours or time you would have spent searching for the best products at the best pricing. In addition, we are helping you to keep your peace of mind while we do the testing, trying, and assembling of the best work-from-home setup for you.
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Master Multitasking
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