What is the Problem with WFH?

Work from home is not a new concept. However, the public sector is beginning to accept it slowly. The Covid-19 pandemic has made WFH necessary for every segment, including the public sector. It has led the government to change its mode of operations using emerging technologies. Though the government had provided the resources to their employees, there was a delay in their delivery, which obviously impacted the work in the Government sector.



Get the Solution by Rewizi

Rewizi has come up with a more creative solution for tackling this particular issue by being a platform fulfilling all the needs of a WFH setup. It helps set up the workspace by providing all the necessary hardware and software and comfortable furniture. Earlier, one had to buy these things from different platforms, but Rewizi has provided the solution by offering everything on a single platform. Furthermore, if you also want a remote work setup, visit the Rewizi store today.

Rewizi Meets all Your Technical Needs

Efficient and flexible working from home needs appropriate resources and technology. Based on the survey conducted on administrative employees, the employers offered technical support immediately for WFH during the pandemic. Many employees were frustrated due to the delays in enabling them to work from home by days or even weeks, owing to delayed deliveries of technical equipment.

This technical difficulty in a virtual work setup also influenced the work quality and employee performance. Hence, there was a need for more technological development, which Rewizi can only fulfil in a single place.


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