In an interconnected global economy, people spend most of their time working in front of computers. It gives rise to an unhealthy lifestyle that further leads to inefficiency in an employee, thus affecting their growth in the organization. That is the reason it is recommended to follow some wellness programs. Those who want online programs or save time on commute have the online option too. Online health and wellness sessions have many benefits, such as saving commute time for you. Moreover, you can get the consultation at the convenience of your home. Rewizi not only provides the WFH essentials but also offers you the Zoom or other video conferencing software that lets you join these online programs seamlessly.



See what Rewizi can provide?

Rewizi provides the below infrastructure to help you work from home better:

A monitor is what connects you visually with your clients. Rewizi offers multiple options for monitors. You can choose based on resolution, screen size, and aspect ratio and get the best one that suits your needs.


A headset is a good alternative if you are not comfortable using a speaker phone. Rewizi also offers headsets by brands Poly, Logitech, and Jabra, which have features like a noise-canceling microphone, passive noise cancellation, intuitive inline controls, and wired or Bluetooth connectivity.

Video Conferencing Software

In addition to hardware, Rewizi offers video conferencing software by Microsoft and Zoom to help you connect with your clients. Our team also helps with the installation.


Our desk lamps help ensure sufficient lighting in your workspace at home so you can work efficiently.

Speaker Phone

A speaker phone makes communication with your clients easy while providing exercise instructions. Rewizi offers you a variety of quality speaker phones by brands like Beyerdynamic, PurelinkAV, Jabra, Yamaha, Poly, and Clearone. These come with features like high fidelity, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 speed, Omni-directional microphone, full duplex, echo cancellation, etc.


It is not just the tech that improves your online consultation experience. The right furniture helps add convenience. Rewizi offers tables of fixed and adjustable heights. You can place a monitor on the table and adjust its height according to your need. Moreover, Rewizi also offers ergonomic chairs that support your back and neck.


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