Wau Chair

Wau was named after the large traditional Malaysia kite because the curves and shape of the back structure resembles that of the kite’s.

Performance Design

Performance Sports Concept

Sports and work share many similarities. Performance, focus, speed, victory, reward. Your equipment is cruicial for success. Applying the sportsgear concept to office furniture is revolutionary. Like many cutting edge sports equipment, WAU combines excellent ergonomics and trendy styles to provide you the best performance.

Innovative Ergonomic Technology

The back and seat pivot axis is placed close to the human’s hip socket joint (acetabulum), such that there is no relative movement between the backrest and torso, providing a natural and constant fit support through the recline range

Cross-performance design

We envisioned a deep scalloped form that would cradle and wrap the user, resembling the heel cup of a ski boot and the bucket seat design of a concept sports car. Another characteristic of the chair is the soft-rigid element found in sports gear, it combines flexibility for comfortable fit and effective force transfers. The loud appearance is intentional, to express its high performance purpose.


White or black outer shell and grey inner shell of molded polypropylene (100% recyclable).

Fabric/Leather Surface

Upholstered over polyurethane foam (recyclable into carpet padding, wadding etc).Mesh Surface76% elastomer / 24% polyester high tensile mesh.Elastomer surfacescolored SEBS-type thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) overmolding (100% recyclabel with PP into flexible, impact-resistant PP product).

Seat: Adjustable for Height

White or black outer shell and grey inner shell of injection-molded polypropylene (100% recyclable).

Backrest: Adjustable for Height and Lumbar Depth

White or black outer shell, grey inner shell, lumbar knob and caps of polypropylene (100% recyclabel). Back frame in white fiber-reinforced polypropylene (100% recyclable).

Armrests: Adjustable for Height and Swivel Angle

For Model 608/609 with G62/M62 armrest Armpad of TPE in grey or orange colour, moulded over a PP shell. For Model 708/709 with G65 armrest Armpad of integral PU foam in standard grey colour, moulded over a PP shell. Armrest upright parts in fiber reinforced polypropylene (100% recyclable) for both type of armrest.


Five-prong base of diecast aluminum alloy (100% recyclable) in epoxy powder-coating or polished finish. 60mm dual-wheel castors of molded polyamide (nylon).

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