It is tricky for large-scale public sector organisations to implement work from home without advanced technology. As technology advances, it’s changing the way of working and has helped to adapt to the work-from-home model during the pandemic. Many helpful digital applications, including Email, G-Suite, and more, allow people to perform WFH efficiently.

Government sector organisations were lagging in technology before the Covid-19 pandemic. The necessity of WFH setup at home made them realise the need to invest in advanced technology and tools. IT investments may prove costly for a short period but have immense long-term benefits. To deliver all the necessary solutions required for the WFH model, Rewizi is the best place to explore. You can use Rewizi for your office setup at home with their WFH bundle offerings.

The Impact Of Remote Working On Employees

Save Time On Commutes

Working from home saves commute time and allows you to use this time to accomplish your personal goals. People who got a chance to work from home hardly got much time previously with their families while working from an office. The shift allowed them to spend time at home with their families.

More Freedom to Employees

One feels engaged, happy, and fulfilled with remote work. When working from an office, you may take time off for minor activities, such as picking up kids from school or attending to some guests during lunch. As a result, with a remote workspace, one feels freedom.

Better work-life balance

A daily work schedule of 7 to 8 hours leaves an employee with very little family time. Remote work makes them spend some good quality time with family. Also, when there are no video calls, there is no need to dress up formally.

Childcare Cost Savings

When you are working from home, you can spend more time with your children. So you can take care of your children, removing the need to send them to childcare centres, thus helping you save money.

How is Rewizi helping to achieve this?

Rewizi is the one-stop solution that lets you meet all your work-from-home needs. We are the first such platform where you can get everything you need for the workstation setup at your home. We have software, hardware, furniture, lighting, and installation assistance. Our complete WFH bundles with customisation options include as below:

We have Microsoft and Zoom-certified software. We can provide all the needed software must for work from home. We have all the software you need for remote work: conference calls, face-to-face meetings, and video conferencing. You can talk to your clients and other team members about our offerings.


Comfortable seating is a must while working from home as you have to sit continuously for hours. Rewizi has an ergonomic chair and desk adjustable height to make your WFH more comfortable. We can ensure the quality of the furniture you will get from us as it belongs to our brand. We also have desk lamps to provide enough lighting to lessen the eyestrain.


The WFH essential equipment consists of a display system, webcam, headphones, chat phone, keyboard, mouse, and USB bundle. If you have the requirements provided by your organisation, it is excellent. If not, we have a large variety with many features and configurations. These devices belong to trusted brands, such as Samsung, Dell, Logitech, Poly, Jabera, Dell, Apple, and many more. You need to mention your requirement and get the best device at the best price. Moreover, you will get installation assistance to use the device.

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