Fostering a Fun and Comfortable Remote Work Environment for Everybody

Audio producers and music industry professionals working remotely in the post-pandemic era need to be equipped with a variety of tools, including high-resolution studio display monitors, acoustic echo cancellation speakerphones, and noise-cancelling headphones. As a music professional, selecting the appropriate toolbox for your workstation setup is crucial for creating or producing outstanding music.
Most musicians will need to learn more than simply how to use audio equipment and toolkits proficiently. A small, well-equipped workstation and an ergonomic chair are also necessary, so you can sit and focus for extended periods without discomfort. That’s why Rewizi came up with a one-in-all solution to help remote and hybrid workers with a suitable and comfortable music setup, including display monitors, headsets, speakerphones, USB hubs, and webcams. Rewizi connects with leading global brands like Dell, LG, Jabra, Poly, Clearone, and many more to help create a workspace that amplifies your productivity.

Experience the Comfort of Working with Rewizi

At Rewizi, we understand how difficult it is to find the ideal WFH bundle for musicians. We bring you a sound technology that includes a fully-featured display system, noise-cancelling headphones, a high-quality webcam, and a super-fast USB hub.

LG’s display monitor and Apple’s studio display are the preferred choices for music professionals when it comes to working from home. This fast, high-resolution display system comes with a sturdiness that can compete with any desktop. It is likely that you rely significantly on your internet connection when working from home. To provide you with great speed, smart features, and accessibility of use, Rewizi works with global manufacturers like Dell, Kramer, Aten, Belkin, Purelink, and Logitech.

Everything needs to be laid out clearly for the ideal studio setup, from sound protection and noise reduction rating to the comfort level for a music professional. Thus, after careful consideration, Rewizi collaborated with international manufacturers who design headphones with features like active noise cancellation to reduce unwanted ambient sound and resolve acoustic issues.

Creating a Better Workspace Setup

Rewizi develops specialised product solutions depending on your needs, so you won’t have to navigate multiple websites to assemble a proper music workstation setup. We are known for providing customised workplace solutions that include the right equipment and furniture to boost productivity in the comfort of your home.

Complete Music Package

Rewizi offers a complete WFH bundle with cutting-edge technologies and comfortable furniture to make your music production seamless.

Premium Products

From an Apple studio display system to Logitech noise-cancellation headsets, Rewizi provides you with premium products at all-inclusive prices.

Personalised Music Bundles

Based on your needs, our team carefully selects the products and customises the best work-from-home setup, especially for people in the music industry and tailor-made for your bespoke requirements.



"I desperately needed a sound studio display system and speakerphones to get started. Luckily, I found Rewizi, and I must tell you that I'm amazed. The company is remarkable. If you're seeking a personalised workstation setup, then Rewizi is your answer."


Best Place to Find Corporate WFH Setup!

"Unfortunately, my knowledge of technology is limited and I was in urgent need of a display monitor and USB hub. Rewizi is a blessing for people like me. The organisation listened to my needs and then created the ideal work-from-home package. Everything I require is here. Rewizi is the solution if you're in a WFH setup huddle."


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