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The pandemic forced every industry to adopt work from home to continue operations. With time, companies realized the benefits of remote work and started following the hybrid model or even permanent work from home. We, at Rewizi, would like to assist you with the office setup at home. Below are some guiding principles to help you set up a good-quality environment before starting working from home. If the people working from home have a perfect and suitable workspace, they can be more productive. Rewizi has a guide for you with a practical checklist that allows you to customize your corporate WFH setup effectively.

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A fully dedicated environment for the WFH setup is crucial as it lets you set goals and be more productive to fulfill them. An adjustable desk is crucial as you can adjust its height according to your comfort. Also, it would help if you had a chair matching your desk for more relaxation. You can check Rewizi for the best deals with top-notch quality to get these essentials. If you are setting up a WFH setup, the top-rated ergonomic chair from Rewizi is the best option at a low cost. It organically adjusts to your sitting position. The well-designed chair supports your back and spine.


The display system is an essential part of work and is a must-have device for IT people. Most organizations provide a laptop to their employees working from home. But if your company does not offer it or there is a delay in the delivery, you have Rewizi to help you. Rewizi has many options in display systems from brands like Apple, Samsung, Dell, and LG. You can select from different screen sizes, resolutions, and aspect ratios. The variety of monitors with Rewizi is best for the IT, banking, public sector, gaming, and education industries. You can choose the one based on your needs and budget.


Video conferencing is the most common way of communicating today. Regrettably, every PC does not include an in-built camera. Rewizi offers several top-rated webcams available at pocket-friendly rates. These webcams are portable; you can fix them on any laptop or PC without making your workspace more congested. These webcams deliver HD-quality videos and audio. They also have HD auto-focus features that calibrate the video output based on your activities.

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