Health and Wellness Bundle for a Better Virtual Environment

There was no way of knowing how long the COVID-19 pandemic would last when the world was asked to work from home. Some remote workers had pre-existing home offices, but others had to make extra space in their homes to make an office-like environment. Though this was entirely a time-consuming task, where professionals had to browse through several websites to meet their ideal WFH setup requirements. Thus, to make it easy for them, we came up with a solution called Rewizi – a one-stop shop for healthcare experts and wellness coaches to build a comfortable corporate WFH setup.
If we talk about healthcare, then telemedicine has thrived in recent years. We no longer live in the Norman Rockwell-esque model. Today, a traditional doctor’s visit or a yoga session is completed over a video call on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Amid the pandemic, when the demand and need for a more flexible working environment arose, Rewizi ensured to come up with a customised platform where both healthcare and wellness industry professionals could implement work from home successfully.

Optimise your Workspace Setup

While working from home has numerous advantages, it can be challenging to discover the best work-from-home bundle. Successful working-from-home arrangements in the healthcare and wellness sectors often have some characteristics in common, while the specifics may vary. Rewizi tends to take this burden off your shoulder by providing a bespoke WFH bundle.

Adapted to Your Needs

Rewizi creates a customised WFH setup by helping you to modify your workstation setup based on your needs and requirements.

Avant-Garde Products

From display systems to USB hubs or standing desks to ergonomic chairs, we offer high-quality products for a comfortable corporate WFH setup.

Streamlined Experience

Rewizi’s healthcare and wellness bundle is designed to make your working experience as an expert as easy and streamlined as possible.

Productivity with Pool of Potential Resources

Healthcare and wellness facilities, particularly in rural areas, are frequently constrained by limited access to resources and professionals. Remote consultations provide faster diagnosis, the most effective course of treatment, and better results. With integrated technology, people can join in batches on a video call to have a proper videoconferencing session.

Remote work can be hard for healthcare professionals if they do not have the right setup. Rewizi provides you with a personalised workstation setup that includes state-of-the-art technology and comfortable furniture for better productivity.

Rewizi brings you a complete technology setup with a high-quality display system, high-speed USB hub, noise cancellation headsets, and high-tech speakerphones for seamless teleconferencing sessions.

At Rewizi, our goal was to not let uncomfortable furniture interfere with your long working hours. We offer you comfortable furniture that includes fixed and height adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, and proper lighting.

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