Innovative Gaming Bundle for You!

We are in an era where playing video games is no longer only a hobby. Many gamers worldwide use it as a career alternative. For any idea or profession to thrive, you need everything to go right, and when it comes to the gaming industry, it all starts with the proper workstation setup. Thus, Rewizi has pioneered a complete WFH bundle for your gaming requirements. If you’re an aspiring gamer seeking the devices you’ll need to become a pro gamer or start a work-from-home gaming career, Rewizi is your one-stop shop.
All gamers, both beginners and professionals, can find the gaming setup they need on Rewizi. We provide products from well-known manufacturers such as Dell, Samsung, Jabra, Apple, Poly, LG, Yamaha, and more. We also furnish you with comfy furnishings, such as an ergonomic chair, a beautiful desk, and a handy table lamp. Rewizi’s mission is to deliver comfort to your doorstep. We go the extra mile to learn about your unique requirements for a gaming workstation setup and provide you with a WFH gaming setup specifically tailored to your needs.

Set Up Your Gaming Room

Get your workstation setup battle-ready with a cosy and individualised WFH bundle for gaming from Rewizi. From the latest studio display system to an ergonomic seating setup, this should be the perfect blend of comfort and technology.

Perfect Gaming Bundle

Without the proper computer system, no gaming room setup is complete, and Rewizi gives you the most up-to-date capabilities to enhance your experience.

Tailored Gaming Setup

You get everything you need, including furniture, a webcam, a display system, a super-fast USB hub, and a headset, all in one place.

Ideal Game Furniture

Rewizi is the place to go if you're looking for the ideal, comfy gaming furnishings. Our WFH gaming package provides the perfect workstation setup outfitted with motorised furniture, ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and appropriate lighting.

Comfortable Gaming Bundle with Rewizi

Whether you play video games for a living or simply for enjoyment, having the proper setup for gaming is essential. Rewizi is the first business in India to offer a full-featured gaming package to satisfy and comfort the gamer in you. An ergonomic gaming chair is ideal if you enjoy playing video games for extended periods or want to indulge in live streaming. You can acquire this with a complete gaming package from Rewizi. To play and live stream your favourite games, all you need is a reliable internet connection, essential equipment, and comfortable furniture — and Rewizi will help you assemble all the gear you require in one place without any hassle. Your gaming studio is lacking if it doesn’t have a good camera. Rewizi offers webcams with the finest quality possible to enhance your live-streaming gaming experience. Our IT bundles feature USB-powered webcams from Poly, ClearOne, and Logitech One — perfect for live video chats, gaming streams, and live streaming on platforms like Twitch, Discord, YouTube Gaming, etc. Record your responses with astonishing clarity with the best gamer-friendly cameras while you play online. For the ultimate immersive experience, experienced gamers need proper gaming headsets and studio display systems. Rewizi offers BT noise-cancelling headsets and 25″ monitors to make your WFH gaming experience as seamless as possible.

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