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Gaming has become one of the most popular and lucrative kinds of entertainment, thanks to its rise. It is an excellent means of unwinding, relaxing, and having fun. Having the ideal gaming room setup is crucial, whether you play video games professionally or just for fun. Rewizi was launched with this thought. It’s the first company in India that provides a complete and comprehensive gaming bundle to make the gamer in you happy and comfy.
Rewizi is a one-stop shop for all gaming enthusiasts and professionals. We offer supplies from leading brands like Dell, Samsung, Jabra, Apple, Poly, LG, Yamaha, and more. In addition, we provide you with comfortable furniture that includes an ergonomic chair, an aesthetically pleasing desk, and a flask lamp. Our goal at Rewizi is to bring comfort to your doorstep, which is why after understanding your diverse needs and specifications, we provide you with a customised WFH gaming setup.

Complete WFH Gaming Bundle

You’ll need specific things if you want to create the best gaming studio at home, including the perfect chair and the appropriate technology and furnishings. Take a look at our products and get a personalised and high-tech gaming workstation that you’ll never want to leave.

For a more immersive experience, seasoned players utilise a gaming headset and studio display systems. Rewizi provides you with a fully-functional gaming setup that includes everything you need.

Without a great webcam, your gaming studio is incomplete. Rewizi provides webcams with the highest resolution to make your gaming experience extraordinary.

Rewizi provides a comfortable, supporting chair with back support, directional armrests, ergonomic, adjustable cushions, and highquality fabric.



Great company!

I have been trying to update my game room for ages but was unable to find the right system and furniture. Lucky, I found Rewizi; they have everything I needed. The HD display and sound of these headsets are out of the world. It’s a great platform if you are looking for a WFH setup.


I’m impressed!

I love that I no longer have to struggle from one e-com website to another to find the right workstation setup for me. All I had to do was narrate what I needed, and they provided me with the perfect display monitor, headsets, and furniture.

Taking Care of Your Gaming Room Needs

Your home gaming room will become your new favourite hangout spot even if you are working from home with the correct furniture, computer, accessories, and high-tech setting. You may also maintain updating to the most recent iterations of your equipment by working with Rewizi.

Good Gaming Computer

No setup for a gaming room is complete without the right computer system, and Rewizi provides you with the latest features to amplify your experience.

Perfect Gaming Furniture

Your search for the perfect and comfortable furniture ends at Rewizi. We provide a perfectly designed desk, ergonomic chair, and the right lighting in our WFH game bundle.

Customised Gaming Setup

From your furniture, webcam, display system, USB hub, and headset, you will get everything based on your requirement at one stop.

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