With the increasing popularity of online education and work from home, the demand for workstation setup is also at an all-time high. Looking at this increased demand for WFH setup, Rewizi has come up with a perfect solution. They provide all the essentials required for online education or classes from home in one place. Whether you need a desktop, laptop, keyboard, webcam, headphones, lighting, chat phone, or furniture, Rewizi provides everything to ensure your work-from-home setup is comfortable.

Meet your Equipment Needs with Rewizi

Here are a few must-haves to make your WFH setup comfortable and, more importantly, workable. Check them out –

Desktop or Laptop

A computer is a must to attend the online classes. At Rewizi, you can get the monitor of your favorite brands, including LG, Samsung, Dell, and Apple. You just need to mention your requirements about the type of display you need, and Rewizi will offer it at the best price.

USB Hubs

As part of a USB hub, you will get a keyboard, mouse, USB dock, USB-C, and more. These are available from the brands like Logitech, Dell, Aten, Kramer, Belkin, and more. The USB dock will help you attach all your peripherals as it contains several ports.


If you have to attend online classes, headphones are a must as this help you listen to the audio clearly and concentrate on the classes without any disturbance at home. You also need headphones to attend important meetings and not get distracted by the background noises. Here Rewizi provides all types of headphones, which include wireless, wired, and more of various brands, such as Logitech, Poly, and Jabra.


Webcam is another essential for people attending online classes or working from home. The webcams should be of good quality so that the image or video quality is good. Multiple brands like Clearone, Poly, Logitech, and more, provide the webcams with top-notch quality, and you can find all of them on Rewizi.

Software to Choose From

There are various things you have to consider that your local software should include:

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