The Right Work From Home Mindset

There is a massive difference between working from home (WFH) and working from the office. In WFH, no manager is always keeping an eye on your work. You do not have colleagues to discuss your work, have small chit-chat, or have lunch and tea break. So, the overall work is the same, but the environment is different. It is about the mindset and thought process you need to change while working from home.

It is evident for anyone to wander from the pace of work while working from home because there is no time pressure of getting ready. You have to create your schedule, and still, there is none to compel you to do it.

However, WFH needs more commitment and discipline. The method you use to interact with your colleagues also needs to change because you mostly have a word over the chat or phone. There are more online meetings.

If you get the same environment as in the office, it will enable you to be equally productive. Rewizi provides the same environment, which will give you the feel of an office, be it the equipment, desk, lighting, etc. Rewizi is the only platform that offers a WFH bundle in one place.

Get the Ideal Workstation Setup with Rewizi

It seems easy to set up a workstation for WFH. You need a table, a chair, and a computer. Do you think it is really done? No, it would help if you put more thought into the WFH setup to be more productive. Let Rewizi do it for you perfectly.


The location for work from home is very critical. It has to be quite a place with enough space. Preferably, it should be a separate room to avoid disturbance from other family members. The Wi-Fi signal should be strong enough in the area so that you can have video calls hassle-free. Rewizi can help you with your workstation setup by setting the workspace at a place ideal for remote work. Rewizi can help you get a suitable desk, lighting, internet connection, and everything you need for the perfect WFH setup. A window in the front may distract you, and the front wall may echo your voice. Rewizi considers every such situation and other things, such as natural light, for your office setup.


Ideally, you can go for a laptop over a desktop because a laptop helps you work more flexibly, while you cannot move around with a desktop. A laptop has a built-in camera to make your meetings more hassle-free. On the other hand, in the case of a desktop, we suggest you get a new mic and speaker as the built-in speaker and mic are not up to the mark. Rewizi offers the best combination of Bluetooth mic and speaker for online meetings. At Rewizi, you can also get the chat phone to connect with your teammates and customers


You need all the software on your PC or laptop to work flawlessly. If your organization provides the laptop, it will already contain all the required software. Obviously, you will have to access the organization's server for storage purposes. In addition, you need video conferencing software, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, to ease out in attending video conferences and meetings. Most of the software provided by Rewizi is certified by Microsoft and Zoom.

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